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NB IOT gas meter adopts the most advanced narrowband cellular communication technique, with the advantages of network depth wide links, low power consumption, and the communication is stable, reliable and safe.

Functional Characteristics
1. Adopt industrial level NB-IOT module, SIM card adopts industrial level M2M IOT SIM card.
2. Adopt dry battery, data can be saved for 30 years if power failure.
3. Remotely prepaid function, can support 5 tariffs 6 prices, bill calculaion mode can be set as monthly, quarterly or yearly.
4. Timing period data upload, and can set the uploading interval, and uploading data includes: the daily gas consumption of current month and last month, accumulated gas consumption, balance (gas quantity), and etc.
5. Can set two online intervals, and during the online interval can get real time meter reading.
6. Alarm when being attacked, low battery power, low balance, valve failure and owing.
7. LCD display, it can display gas consumption, signal strength, battery power, valve status, and etc.

Technical Spesification :
Caliber (DN) :G1.6 ;G2.5 ;G4.0
Nominal Flow Rate : 1.6 m3/h ; 2.5 m3/h ; 4.0 m3/h
Maximum Flow Rate (Qmax): 2.5 m3/h ; 4.0 m3/h ; 6.0 m3/h
Minimum Flow Rate (Qmin) :0.016 m3/h ; 0.025 m3/h ; 0.04 m3/h
Demarcation Flow Rate (qt) :0.25 m3/h;0.4 m3/h ;0.6 m3/h
Start Flow Rate : 3 d m3/h ;≤ 5 d m3/h ; ≤ 5 d m3/h
Total Pressure Loss:≤250
Accuracy Level:1.5
Minimum Reading :0.0001m³ or 0.0002
Maximum Reading :99999.999 m³
Leak Tightness : No leakage when ≤15kpa
Alarm way : Close valve; beep alarm
Quiescent Current :≤10μA
Power supply :4*1.5V AA dry batteries or 3.6V lithium battery
Explosion Proof : ExibIIBT3

Untuk Customized Development Silahkan Hubungi KAMI,.
Communication mode : LoRaWAN,NB-IoT
Module : GPRS ( Default ) NB-IoT / LoRawan
Type : Gas Meter and Water Meter

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